Where do you live and how far will you travel?
I live in Florida and I frequently travel to many places. I am more of a destination wedding photographer/cinematographer. I like seeing new places and meeting various people so I have no problem traveling to your event. You are simply responsible for reimbursement of airfare, gas, hotel and car rental if needed.

Do you edit all the photos and films?
Yes! Every image that you will receive has been hand-edited one by one. I do not mass produce my images in bulk nor do I use prosumer software light Lightroom etc. or Instagram filters. Your movie is also expertly edited to tell the story of your day, not just a compilation of nice shots.

Do you have an assistant?
Most of the time I will bring my assistant to each and every wedding to assist me with shooting, carrying of gear and lighting.

Can our photos be delivered in both black and white and in color?
Images that are delivered in black and white are also available in color. I give you two versions of the same image.

How long does it take before we receive everything?
Online galleries are posted within 4 weeks of the wedding date. Printed photographs and the high resolution files are delivered within 4 weeks of the wedding date, the main Feature withing 2-4 months. During wedding season this time could take longer. Books are delivered within 12 weeks of the wedding date after final approval.

How many pictures will we receive and how long will our feature film be?
Most all-day weddings receive over 600 photographs and a 30-60 minute feature film + bonus clips.

Do we get to keep the negatives?
I provide my clients with high resolution files that they can use to make prints or other products. I do retain copyright to the images and can use them for advertising, my website, blog or magazines. My clients will receive their high resolution photos on usb with a printed release to make unlimited personal prints for themselves, friends and family.

Do we receive the raw unedited video and photo files?
The raw files are not available for viewing or giving. The images and final video delivered reflect my high standards and everything else is not archived.

Do you come to rehearsals?
Rehearsal dinner coverage is also available to add to your package with both photo and cinema.

Do we choose the music tracks for our feature film?
The music tracks for the film are selected by me, but I will include your original first dance and parent dance music tracks.

What does the feature book look like?
My feature book is designed by me selecting the pictures that best represent your day. You also have options to include a number of photographs depending on the size of the book. The book has a clean modern design, with the photos printed directly onto thick pages. The pages are protected by an ultra glossy laminate so they last for more than a lifetime.

What is the online gallery?
The online gallery is a private password-protected page on my website where all your images are stored and able to be seen. You may also order prints or other products from the gallery. You can provide the password to anyone who wants to view your gallery.

We want everything documented, can we have a lot more images?
All weddings are different and the number of images will depend on the amount of coverage and the important events happening that day. I will try my best to document everything that you would like to remember, having both photo and video at your wedding allows for more moments being recorded.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes of course, the engagement session takes place at a location of your choosing. It typically involves 2-3 hours and can be extended by adding more time. Certain travel rates may apply if the location is not local.

How would you describe your style of photography?
I’d like to say that I don’t actually have a style since I hate putting things into boxes and labels, but if I were to describe my photos it would be very clean, light and beautiful with a mix of ‘posed’ or directed shots and photo-journalistic shots. I like to direct the couple to get those nice beautiful shots as well as cover guests and family members laughing and dancing. I like to use natural light during the day and studio lighting in the night.

How would you describe your style of video?
I like to capture the events happening on your day from different angles and then compiling a story of your day with great music tracks along with great visuals. Each video is cut and edited to include all the important events of your day. I like creating creative shots with the bride and groom and combining them in your trailer and feature film, so I suggest putting aside at least 1 hour for the shots.

Do you take posed shots with the family?
Absolutely, they are a record of your family in a happy time of your lives, so I strongly believe in family photos. I try to make the process quick and fun so the family can head out to enjoy the cocktails. I have my couples provide me with a list of groupings and follow that list so we don’t leave out anyone important.

Can I provide you a shot list?
Other than family/friends groupings I rather you didn’t. Family photos are very important during a wedding day and a list really helps out but other events will be recorded without prompting. To stage a moment is not what your wedding day is about, it is about the real emotions, feelings and drama and I will be there to capture them without ‘staging’ them. The more ‘posed’ shots you would like taken will result in less time for documentary shots.

How do I book my date?
Bookings are on a first-come first-served basis, I will hold a date only after a retainer with a signed contract.

What is the payment schedule?
A retainer of $1,000 is due to reserve your date, the rest is due 2 weeks before your event.

Can we pay you after the wedding?
Overtime hours, products and prints can be payed after the wedding.

Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is not refundable as I will be turning down other events for the same date.

When should we book you for our wedding?
ASAP, I don’t hold dates without a signed agreement and a retainer, weddings are booked once I receive both of these. So my couples book me a year in advance and others just a couple months, if you like my photography and films then I suggest booking quick as I get inquiries for dates on a daily basis.

If we run late, will you stay longer than expected?
Absolutely I can, I have overtime hours that will go into effect with your permission to continue my coverage. the overtime hours will be billed after your honeymoon.

Do we need to feed you and your assistant at the reception?
I would love it if you did! It doesn’t have to be the same as your sit-down meal, some caters offer vendor meals. In order to continue coverage with energy and a happy mood then yes absolutely, we eat when you and your guests eat since no one likes to be photographed while eating, and then continue our coverage after the meal.

Can our family and friends take pictures as well?
Of course, just as long as they don’t get in the way. For family photos I prefer they be in the far background as I prefer all eyes to be on me without distractions. For the bride and groom photos, no one else will be present as this will be a private session and other people can be distracting. I welcome other cameras during the cake cutting and other events just as long as they stay in the background and respect my presence as your official photographer/cinematographer.